Glory to Glory

Flowers are beautiful. If you've read my bio on my home page, you will know that I love nature. I love sunsets, and rainstorms,  flowers, and all types of God's Glory. And I don't even have a clue of what God's Glory really is.

Glory (straight from the dictionary): Praise and honor rendered in worship, something that secures praise or renown, great beauty or splendor, magnificence, heavenly bliss, or height of prosperity or achievement.

I want to focus on the beauty, splendor, and magnificence. God is SO beautiful, we don't even know. I have never seen God in person, BUT I know from the Holy Bible that He is beautiful, and powerful, and glorious, and gracious, and good, and perfect, and pleasing beyond any measure that we will EVER understand. It is beyond amazing to believe in someone you don't see or hear all the time, and to know that He is good because HE SAYS SO. Do you know how powerful God's words are? His Bible alone, we really don't even have a clue. You get my point.

I believe that God's glory is all around us. It's EVERYWHERE. He created the universe! If you feel like you haven't seen God's Glory, girl it's right under your nose! God's glory comes through lots of things. It comes through beauty, nature, and our spiritual breakthrough in our personal lives. God's glory is so powerful and reigns over all that it is so good; once you have a taste of it there's nothing else like it. His glory shapes us and molds us into perfection in His eyes. His glory is not afraid to take us places we've never been before. His glory is not afraid to change us, and break us out of our old habits, ways, and thoughts. It's not afraid to completely turn your life around for the goodness of our God. It's perfectly normal to be rejected my people and things in this world because of who you are, what you believe, and how you act because of those things.

Each and every one of us has a powerful testimony. A powerful, life changing story because of Jesus Christ. You have no right to question that. Being real here, your past circumstances that make your "testimony" don't define your identity one bit. They can shape you into a season of learning WHO YOU ARE in Christ, but they have no right found anywhere to take over who you are. Just a side note. :) Back to the topic. But in reality, our testimonies aren't really ours. They're God's. Yep, I said it. YOUR testimony, your story doesn't belong to you. It belongs to the Lord. But He has given it to you for in that season of learning and questioning, you can look back on that and say, "But I know who my Daddy is, because He did this and He said this and He is SOOOO good, Thank you, Papa."

It is really hard sometimes. In those seasons of learning where it takes the life of someone you may know or not know; And your world seems like the foundation you had crumbles apart. God is your foundation. God is your concrete; not your sand. Most of you know that concrete will hold a house; sand will not. God will hold your house up; because He is faithful and loving and caring and everything good and perfect. But we are not called to dwell on the past; though it seems like the hardest lump in your throat to swallow. We are called to not worry about the future either. We are called according to His purpose, and that is all that matters. That God's breath in our lungs is precious and valuable. The fact that you are alive today is amazing and a beautiful thing. We don't know how long we may be on this Earth. Whether it be 95 years, whether it be 16. We just don't know. But we are called to live joyfully and love others like there is no tomorrow. While I didn't know Kyra, I have heard from others that this is what she did. LOVE. The first and greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Which means to not care what other people think, and love them without expecting them to love you back. To call the GOLD out of others, and to put yourself aside for them because of how you care about them better than they care about themselves. :)

Romans 8:28- And we know that in all things the Lord works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.

Through all of this we are called to praise God. I was standing at Kyra's memorial yesterday with my Crew, and I asked God, "Lord, asking on behalf of all of us, we don't know where to go from here. What are we supposed to do with this?" He said very clearly, "PRAISE ME." Even when it's hardest to praise Him, That's when we are called to praise and worship Him with all that is within us. Because He's good. And He's worth it. Because He's better than anything else that's self-fulfilling that you can find.

God's love and encounters are only a pathway for Him to reach us when all else in our lives seems to fail. His Creation is the One and Only thing we have besides the Holy, Righteous Bible to explain and set an example for who God is. Though this life may seem extremely hard, God is with you. And therefore when God is for you, who can ever be against you? Our time here on Earth is very short. The rest is spent with Jesus in Heaven for the rest of eternity.

I believe there are no testimonies in Heaven. Because in Heaven, nobody struggles with anything, therefore there is NOTHING to overcome. Our testimonies are examples of God's glory and graciousness HERE ON EARTH. I cannot BOLD, italicize, or underline this anymore! This is crucial guys. This point could not be more important. We are called to set an example for all believers; in faith, in speech, in conduct, in love, and in purity. -1 Timothy 4:12.

Pray when it's hardest to pray. -Emma C.

Our testimonies of freedom are only glimpses of the faithfulness and goodness of our Father. It's only a picture of the video that God has in store for you. In reality we have not even a clue of who God is or what He wants to do or How good He is, or how powerful He is... He's TOO AWESOME! We only have a glimpse of God to keep us exploring and wandering in His Signs and Wonders. You know why? Because His Signs make me Wonder. :)

Your Sister in Christ,