Daydream vs. Reality

Daydreams are the best. How often do you find yourself dozing off in class without falling asleep? Or, how often do you have happy daydreams? How often are your daydreams bad?
Hardly ever if at all. So often I find myself talking to God saying," Why can't these dreams be real? Why does life have to be SO hard and dreams seem to be so weightless, and possible? Why do I have dreams, and goals, and things I want to be and do, and yet they seem so far out of reach?" Obviously, dreams cause a lot of questions.
God told me," Stop daydreaming, and declare the atmosphere of Heaven down to Earth, so your daydreams become your reality." That's some deep stuff right there. Stop daydreaming and declare the atmosphere of Heaven down to Earth, so your daydream becomes your reality. You may be asking why will this work? by speaking and seeing nothing happen, why is it worth it? Because in Heaven nothing is impossible. And your words have power. The Bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue, and that's the pure, honest truth. Nothing is impossible with God, but everything is impossible without Him. My prayer for you today is that you see through the eyes and lenses of your Heavenly Father, and then you will come to realize that God has the keys to your daydreams held in His palms, and He just can't wait to make those dreams your reality. Nothing is impossible. Everything is Possible.
Believe it and dream fearlessly!

Your Sister in Jesus,