the she loves project

I am a HUGE words of affirmation person. I love it when people compliment me, or when they just say something kind or give me a word for no reason other than they love me. I LOVE THAT. This season with the Lord obviously said I crossed a line somewhere, where the only type of affirmation I was okay with was the type I got from others.

Words from other people mean SO much to me. And in the season I'm currently walking through, I realized and processed more of what that meant for me. Dad walked me through defining the fine line between appreciating a word or compliment from someone, and getting my satisfaction and self- worth from that place.

Y'all, it was really, really tough. I'd give a word to someone about their self- worth or identity and how to not get their integrity from other people when God came to me and said, "Hey, check your heart." The hardest part was, I had no idea that I had a problem myself. I thought I was all good with my self- worth/ identity.

God was like, "HEY! What about what I said about you? What about how I think about you?"

check your heart.

Here's the problem though. I didn't have a clue that I had a problem.

But once I realized I had a problem, I began to process what that looked like. What does it really mean to not find your fulfillment and identity from other people, but from God and His Word alone?

I still don't really know. And I don't plan to load a bunch of advice on your shoulders. But I do want you to know that if you struggle with your identity or not feeling beautiful, you're in the right place. If you struggle with defining your worth as one who's radically loved by God and that being enough, you're in good company.

It's insanely hard to get a compliment from someone and not let it sink deep into your heart and take root as apart of who you are. Insanely hard. But it's not impossible to believe in who God says you are and allow everything else to be an illusion. It's hard, but not impossible.

The process of learning to love yourself is a journey worth taking.

At some point, people will stop giving compliments. At some point, people will stop caring. At some point, people will stop being kind to you. Human beings fail. And at some point, people won't be there for you to love you. But Jesus remains the same. He called you beautiful daughter when you were born and He will always see you as beautiful. You were on His mind when He endured that ancient cross all the way up the mountain. And He thought, "She's worth dying for. She's worth it." What other people have to say about you, always fades awayBut your Dad in Heaven is waiting for you to listen to Him because he has SO much to tell you. And so much to pour into you.

This is why I am starting a project called "The She Loves Project." A journey for all of us to take to loving ourselves- loving every ounce of who we are- all the weird quirks, obsessions, and all. To knowing you are beautiful, inside and out; and that having nothing to do with what you look like. To being unafraid to just be you- and not care about what others think when the real you comes out. But you don't have to be ashamed of the real you- and the process of getting to that place is the journey worth taking. The hashtag #theshelovesproject is the one I will be using on social media to share my content. Feel free to use this hashtag, so I can see your posts!

you are loved + accepted + beautiful + powerful + unique + graceful + fearless + valuable + strong + exquisite + worthy + righteous + enough.

You have a voice, too. You can speak up for yourself and choose to not listen to what others have to say. :) You will always be good enough for Jesus, and not even your worst day could change His mind.

You are the most beautiful thing God has ever created. And He is more than proud of you. He's not proud of you because of how you act or the things you do and how well you do them. He's proud of you for being you and for being beautiful before makeup was ever a thing. He's proud of the daughter He created. You can't change anything that God thinks about you. And that's one powerful, identity.

Xo, Rach