The Danger Of Mediocrity

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Mediocre- of only moderate quality, not very good

Let's talk about this idea of relationship. Specifically, the idea of relationship with our Father, in Heaven. First, He's a Dad. He's so loving, even beyond our wildest dreams. He's so good and He wants a deep relationship with you.

Yeah, I said it. The God of the universe wants to have a personal relationship with Y-O-U. No one else in the whole entire world would look at your fault and your half- heartedness and say, "I still want her heart."

My mom and I were talking about this a while ago, and out of the blue she just spit this out:

Life's too short to live mediocre.


I think I may have been so wrecked in that moment that I left the real world and went into a false reality for a second.

Your life is too short and too precious here on Earth or you to waste it. God has orchestrated things out for your good, right now. Everyday you have open opportunities just waiting for you. God's laying things out on the table for you, just waiting for you to say yes. It comes down to what you choose. You have an incredible opportunity each day to life your life to the fullest that He has made, or you can sit and wait around for something to finally be where you'd like it to be.

You get to choose.

Mediocrity or Fullness.

If I'm being real honest with you, there's no in between. We as humans try to make a "grey area" to everything; but in reality it doesn't exist. We as humans also make the grey area our home, and it becomes "comfortable." But Jesus didn't call you to be comfortable and sit around on your lazy butt. He created you with a calling and a destiny that is specific to Y-O-U. If you want to pursue that God- given calling, you have to put laziness and comfortable-ness aside, choosing to step into His greatness.

Jesus says this in Matthew 12:30, "Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters."

So you have to make a choice, to either jump in head first or stay on the beach. There's no standing knee deep into a relationship with God. Once you understand that there's more than just the shore to this Jesus thing, you have to either jump in or head out.

I'm not saying that you should run away from because you don't think that you can be accepted into His love. He absolutely takes you just as you are, and He couldn't love you anymore than He already does.

God's just waiting for you to say, "Yes."

Jesus wants all of your heart. Like, the whole entire thing.

God's all in for you. You have to choose if you want to be all in for Him or not. Your relationship with Him is an absolute two way street. You matter, too. You have a part to play on your side of that relationship.

God will never stop loving you radically, even if you run away from Him. There's nothing that you could do right now that could ever separate you from the love of God. He can't love you anymore. He can't love you any less.

So, it comes down to what you choose. God will always be standing at that door, waiting for you to open it. It's up to you to actually turn the doorknob and open the door; accepting the open invitation He has for you.


Xoxo, Rach