Taylor Mai // April's Love Story //

I have the incredible privilege to share with you one of my dearest friend's story, Taylor Mai. The way she fell in love with Jesus is incredible, and I am so blessed to be able to share her story with you. Love you Taylor! You're amazing!

Many of you don’t know me and yet the people who do know me don’t know my testimony. My name is Taylor Mai Dinh and I am sixteen years old. My story starts from the beginning just like all. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas while my parents were divorcing. The divorce finalized when I was two and that same year in my life, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I lived in the hospital for nearly three years while reminding my heartbroken mother every so often on how I would live. I hadn’t known God and yet He still put abundant hope in my heart which radiated to my mother. I fought a long battle before I was cured of cancer when I was six years old. 

My childhood consisted of me not remembering four years of my life and switching between my mother’s and father’s houses. Finally when I was nine years old, I moved from Texas to Washington State because my stepfather had received a promotion. I had grown to make new friends easily and love the rainy state before I realized that my mother and stepfather were splitting apart. My semi-perfect family was breaking and there was nothing I could do because I was a helpless ten year old. I spent my fifth grade year at a private school while keeping in contact with my friends in the town I had originally moved to and finally for my sixth grade year, my parents had worked out their problems so I could come back to my friends. 

My sixth and seventh grade years, I was bullied for being a tomboy and being a different race than others. I took pride in my Asian culture and was not afraid to show my heritage to anyone. I filed reports through the school and they did nothing because they claimed that all the boys had just grown to ‘like me’ while they continued to call me ‘fat’ and ‘ugly’. With my mother hearing the news of me being bullied from the school, she had forced me to go to church with her. We went to a Non Denominational church that was about an hour away from my house. I fell in love with the church and went to the Winter Camps and even got myself baptized. I claimed to know God as my Father but I hadn’t known him for who he really was and yet I had no clue who I was. I pushed God away and never went back because I hadn’t truly cared for him and myself. 

My eighth grade year, I moved to Colorado and almost immediately fell into the wrong crowd. My best friend was suicidal and depressed which eventually began to affect me and my life when I had come to realization that I was overweight and puberty hadn’t made me this beautiful creature that my friends were. The eighth grade year passed and freshman year turned out to be a memorable year. I met the love of my life, Dominic, and started dating him towards the end of freshman year. Two months later, we had premarital sex multiple times along with multiple pregnancy scares. Our parents found out and my own mother had told me that if I was pregnant I would be kicked out and left to survive on my own. I had given up on myself as well as the relationship because I knew that if I were to be pregnant, I would be homeless and I would be heartbroken because Dominic wouldn’t have stayed. I led myself to cutting and no one knew. By the grace of God, I wasn’t pregnant and Dominic and I continued our relationship. Things remained steady for a while until arguments began to rip us apart. We would argue over the simplest things in life and we knew that if this relationship continued we would ruin ourselves more than we would each other. 

Sophomore year passed and Junior year was already to a rough start. Dominic and I were on little to none speaking terms and we had given up by August 24th. That day we had been arguing about meaningless things and that night I had a concert while Dominic had decided to go to youth group for the first time in a while, thanks to Katie Kary inviting him. We argued all the way up until the time that the service actually started and once he was done, the concert had finished as well. On the ride home, I had come to figure out that both Dominic and I were going to break up with each other. We had discussed that we would try again except start going to youth group at the Rock. I had dreaded going to youth group the days prior and yet when I went, I broke down and confessed my testimony to my newfound family. This is how I got to where I am today and yet when people ask if I regret the things I have done, I say no. I don’t regret anything because I know if I did then I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am happily in a relationship with Dominic still.

I’ve learned to love myself. I’ve learned to listen and run to my beloved Father who is in Heaven. 

They must turn from evil and do good; they must seek Peace and Pursue it. 
1 Peter 3:11