Opinion vs. Truth


Recently the Lord has been talking to me about opinions versus the truth.

The world has an opinion. Actually, the world has millions of opinions. How do you know who's opinion to take and who's to leave? Who do you listen to? Who has the most powerful influence in your life?

These are all really great questions that the Lord brought to my attention. It was comforting for me to search my heart and find that God truly does have the strongest authority over my life. He has the strongest influence in my life.

But I want to ask you these questions. Journal with the Lord and ask Him to reveal the truth to you. Never be afraid of the truth. It helps us grow and guides us where we should go. (that unintentionally rhymed... lol)

Be ready for this to be blunt.

Valuing the world's opinion above every other opinion does you nothing good. Valuing what the world has to offer will take you to a place no one wants to go.

You listen to and obey those you trust.

When you trust God, you'll listen to His voice and follow His guidance. Obviously, the same goes for your friends, school, work, etc.

Why do you believe you're beautiful?

This is veryyy important for you to understand where I'm coming from when I ask you this question. I'm NOT questioning your beauty or worth AT ALL. Every inch of you is beautiful and you should never question that.

Who first told you that you were beautiful, and you believed it?

We hear things from so many places and listen to people all the time.

Did your best friend say it?

Did that girl on Instagram say it?

Did that blogger tell you? (we do that a lot... lol)

Did some guy tell you?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, that's okay! It's such a healthy thing to realize where you're taking information from and whose opinion you're listening to.

Buuut, here's the thing. If we as God's children only realize our worth, beauty, and power from what other people around us recognize, we won't be walking in the light and fullness of God. People sometimes have really great things to say. But their words are temporary. The world's opinion always fades away. We at some point have to value God's opinion about us above the world's. It's perfectly okay to value others opinions. It's totally not okay to identify yourself by what they say. God's opinion will never return void. His words will never run out, fade away, or change. What He says is always the same and you can be confident in how much He loves you.

No one's opinion can compare to the Father's opinion. The world's perspective doesn't last like the Father's does. 

If I believed every single thing anyone ever said about me, I'm sure I'd be pretty messed up. If you only believe what other people think about you, what happens when their opinion changes? Just fyi, opinions always change. What happens when your friend decides to gossip about you and say mean things about you? It hurts. A lot. Why? Because you valued their opinion which means you trusted them!

We value people we trust.

I believe it is essential in our lives for us to have people around us that we trust. It's really important to have people who you can open your heart to. Who you can seek wise counsel and advice from. Who you can be really honest with when you're goin through it. I have people in my life who I value. I value their opinion. I value what they think. But I know that I am more than what they say. I know I have an identity as a child of God that says wayyy more than my friends and mentors could.

YOU are so much more than what people say or think. God thinks so highly of you and as a child of God, He wants you to value His opinion and trust His voice when He speaks. God wants you to know who you are as His child.

Valuing God's opinion gives you a new confidence in yourself.

If your standards are built on other people's beliefs, they will eventually fail. Anything besides what Jesus has set for us is temporary. The world's beliefs only have the power to last for so long. But you can be encouraged in this: Heaven's standards and beliefs will never fail. They will last forever.

God's standards are worth compromising for.

Sometimes, we have to change some things. That may mean a friendship, unfollowing an Instagram account, etc. If you have some standards in your life that were set by other people and you would like to move and be under God's standards instead, don't be afraid to make that change in your life. Don't be afraid to do what you have to do for yourself, ya know? Ask the Lord for direction. Ask the Lord what to do. Jesus always leads us to a place of conviction to help grow us and change us, not to scare us. It may be uncomfortable, and it probably won't be easy, but God is worth compromising for.