Make Him A Priority

People have asked me how I make time for Jesus everyday. How I make it important and a priority in my everyday life and less like something to get through in the day. I hope to encourage you and practically give you ways to spend time with God and build a relationship with Him.

Make Him a priority.

Jesus must be first and #1 in your life if you're going to choose to do life with Him. It is crucial that He is more important than anything else in your life right now. It is the only way you will be successful with anything in life. I wrote out on an actual piece of paper with a pen (not a phone screen) my priorities. Jesus was first, and then my family and friends, then myself, then all of the other important things in my life. I looked back at it and thought, "Man, something doesn't seem right." In my everyday I realized on that piece of paper that I wasn't being completely honest with myself.

I was pouring out more onto others than I was pouring out onto Jesus. And that's where I crossed a line.

Jesus must become more important than your problems.

In the midst of a storm when you don't know where to turn, you can always turn to God. (Super cliche sounding, I know.) Your relationship with Jesus is the only thing that will stay constant through the storm. When you spend time with God, you don't have to feel like you got something out of it.

God enjoys your company. Why don't you just enjoy His?

When the storm ends, what's gonna happen? Your relationship with God is going to be so much stronger than it ever could have been before the storm.

It comes from an understanding that God is good and that even if you don't feel His presence He is always there. He's always listening. He knows everything you're about to say but He loves you enough so as to let you lay it all out on the table before Him. He lets you talk to Him and process with Him. Open up your heart to Him. Open up your mind to hear what He has to say. And be patient with Him, for He is oh so patient with you.

He's always there because YOU are His priority. He must be yours before anything else in your life can be accomplished. This is how a relationship works and is built. Everything goes both ways. You pour your heart out to Him, He will pour His heart out to you. You draw close to Him, and He will draw close to you. It's a promise.

"Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O LORD, you know it altogether." Psalm 139:4

God is smiling at you because He is oh so proud of you. Come close to Him, beloved. His smile could change your world.