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We are currently starting a series called "The Fruits of the Spirit". Going along with that, I am beyond excited to share this one with you. One of my closest friends and amazing mentors, (No spoiler alerts) is talking about a subject very close to her heart. She is incredible in the way that she radiates the Glory of the Lord in everything she does. So, without further ado~ 

Hello there! For those of you that don’t know me my name is Joy Dasher. It is such an honor for me to have been asked by Rachael to be a guest writer in this series about the Fruit of the Spirit. For those of you that haven’t guessed yet, she has asked me to write about joy! Because that’s my name...get it?

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This last summer I had the incredible opportunity to go work in China for two months with a special needs foster home called Journey of a Joyful Life. This foster home currently has 45 children who all have some type of special needs from Down Syndrome to Cerebral Palsy. It was during this summer and spending time with the kids that I learned what true joy was. While I have always tried to live my life with a constant joy, it was half of the time a facade honestly. Growing up I felt like because of my name I had to be a constant representation of what living with joy was, but it wasn’t true joy.

It wasn’t until I got to spend time with these kiddos that I saw a true representation of what true joy was.

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These kids have every reason to be frustrated with life and to not want to be joyful. They live in a country that doesn’t give them the opportunity of living a normal life because of their special needs. They were all deserted by their families at a young age. Here is the thing though. With all of the stuff that they have gone through, they have chosen joy. They have chosen to live their life with joy every day. Hearing their laughter is one of my favorite things in the world. That is why they called it the Journey of a Joyful Life because they are giving these children the opportunity to choose joy in their life.

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I say all of that to challenge you in is a choice.

If you want to live your life and be proud of it, than choose joy. I can tell you now, it is not easy. In fact, sometimes it really sucks. Today for instance, was a pretty terrible day at work. I decided to choose joy out of that though. I could have chosen to get super frustrated with the things that were happening around me (and I did for part of the time) but instead I chose to move past it and choose joy. When you choose joy, it not only changes your own life but it also changes those of the people around you. When you choose joy you change the atmosphere of whatever room you are in the second you step over the threshold.

So why wouldn’t you choose joy is the real question?

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Love Always,