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I'd like to think of my personal quiet time with the Lord everyday as a planting of a seed.

I will reap what I sow.

The question I asked myself and I want you to ask yourself is this: "What am I sowing?"

One of my many words for 2018 is ENOUGH.

Knowing that I always have been, I am and I always will be enough. Even if what I'm doing now seems so insignificant and small, it still has purpose and it still is enough.

I am enough.

What I do is enough.

Because whatever I am doing now is planting a seed that will grow and sprout up for a later time. The amount of harvest I want to reap is dependent on the seeds I sow now.

Reading the Word.

Talking to God.

Spending time with Him.

I want to reap a harvest of a relationship with the Lord that can't be compared to anything else in this world. I want an intentional relationship with my Father in Heaven. It's what my spirit and my heart and my whole being longs for.

I must take the first step and begin to faithfully sow those seeds of relationship, faithfulness, and obedience now. Heaven doesn't wait to want to be close with me until I'm older. No, Heaven doesn't wait. So neither should I.

Yeah it may seem insignificant when I wake up every single day to open that sacred book.

But just because it may seem insignificant doesn't mean it's not without a purpose.

Just showing up and being faithful to the promises I've made to God is teaching my heart to realign itself with the Spirit of God and it's showing my heart how to be faithful. How to be faithful to the One who has been faithful to me since I was born. To the only One who is worthy of my faithfulness.

Being faithful is called keeping your promises.

I promised God I would make time for Him everyday, no matter how busy life gets. Simply because He's worthy of my attention and my time every single day.

My prayer for you is that you would make a promise to God. One that you intend to keep. One that is faithful and honest and pure and true. One that tells God you desire relationship and will lay anything in your life aside to have it.

You know, God wants a relationship with you more than you want a relationship with Him. It's just how His crazy kind of love works. He wants your heart, and He wants your time. I pray in due time, you will say yes to God, and say yes to making Him top priority status in your life.

Xoxo, Rach