Illuminating Christ In A World Where That's Not Popular


You want to be a pastor and reach a million people like Steven Furtick does. Or you want to lead worship for thousands of people like Hillsong does. Or maybe you want to make music and have millions of people hear it and love it.

Whatever it is you want to do, you have a desire inside of you that shouts "I want the world to see me!"

The question is, what are you going to do about that voice?

Something the Lord put on my heart for today is the fact that in this generation, people want to be seen and will pretty much do anything to be noticed by someone in this world.

There are tons of bloggers out there I am sure that are fed by how many Insta G followers they can get. For content creatives and bloggers like me, we just want to illuminate and shine Christ in what we do and let God deal with the crowds who see us.

One thing I've discovered in the past almost 2 years of having this blog is that no matter how hard I try or how much I want to, I cannot and will not ever be in control of how many people see what the Lord puts on my heart.

It's a beautiful thing what happens when we speak the truth with love in obedience. I'm writing this post today and God will bring the people who need to hear it here.

Another thing I see in this generation is this: people know they're called to something. They're anointed to do something and it's evident and clear but it's unusual and it's never been done before. They worry about how many people will notice them because it's not the popular thing to do and they think that if they go off course a little bit, they can reach more people.

What's better? Going off course, which is maybe probably not what God wants for you to do, or staying on the course of what God wants to do, and following His direction?

If you know you're called by God to do something, why would you want to leave Him out of what He's called you to?

God has called and anointed you to X, Y, and Z, so involve Him in it. Don't do something and knowingly leave God out of it. That's not cool. I'm a follower of Christ. I will make room for Him in what I do, even if it doesn't attract the world.

Ask yourself,

Do I want to illuminate Christ, or attract the masses?

1. Love without truth is a lie. - Lisa Bevere

Don't attract people with something that isn't of God. It's a lie, even if you're doing it in love. If you are not grounded in truth and in Scripture and in what God says, you will feed the world exactly what it wants- lies. Even if you don't realize it at first. Lies about who we are and about who God is are temporary. They may seem true for a short period of time but they don't last.

2. Truth without love is still truth, but truth with love changes hearts.

If you are being obedient to God and following what He's anointed you to do, the world is going to watch you. The world is going to see you and they will wonder what's different about you. The light that shines from the inside out of you will attract the right people in the right time.

3. Don't compromise your calling to be seen by the world.

You are called to do something extraordinary and unusual. (Yay!) And God is all over it. He's for it and He's for you. God is your biggest cheerleader, and with Him you never have to worry about how many people will notice you and like you. God's in control of that. Let Him be in control of those things. Let Him bring the right people to you. Let this conviction and anointing inside of you speak louder than the voice that says, "I want to be seen by people." Do what you know you're called to do and watch the Lord grow your influence. Watch the Lord work while you stay the course. This time last year, I had just under 200 Instagram followers. By the grace and faithfulness of God, I have the privilege to now spread His words to almost 900 people. See what the Lord does when we're obedient?!

Go after what the Lord has put on your heart. Pray for those who will see you shine. Pray for God to guide you if you don't know what you're called to do. Lisa Bevere says, "What if the reason you don't know what you're called to do is that you are called to do something no one has ever done before?"

I'll just leave that there.