How To Pursue Your Dreams... NOW!


What are some of your dreams? What are you passionate about?

Think about it and when you have something in mind, continue reading. Maybe write it down somewhere. Being really honest, I have a dream of being a worship leader. Let me tell you a little somethin’ about myself. I’m not a singer as it stands right now (like for real, goodbye comfort zone) and up until a few months ago I hadn’t touched a musical instrument since middle school. A lot of my conversations with God have started off like, “Are you sure, God? This is what you want me to do?”

Do you ever find yourself questioning the possibility of your dreams coming true? On several occasions I’ve found myself sitting in my room thinking, “This is crazy.” I still sometimes question if I am really cut out for this and if this is what I’m supposed to do, or if I just have really wild aspirations and crazy dreams.

Let me encourage you in this.

If your dream makes your heart beat extra fast or if it terrifies you, that is okay.

That is actually a very good thing. If you could make your dreams happen all on your own, I think that would be a little to easy. I’m not saying everything you ever want to achieve has to be incredibly hard, I’m just saying that I as a human being can’t make my dream happen on my own.

If God doesn’t have to get involved in your dreams to make them happen, they aren’t big enough.

I truly believe that if God can make a worship leader out of me, anything is possible. And I truly believe I am not powerful enough on my own to make all my dreams come true.

You may be sitting there reading this and be thinking, “Well, I’m too young to start chasing after my dreams.” Or, “I missed my chance. My dreams are too far gone.” Or you may be saying, “There are wayyy too many people out there doing exactly what I’m passionate about doing.” Girl let me tell you, most of the population of this world believes this same thing. But let me tell you, these things aren’t true.

If you asked me in January what I wanted to do with my life after high school, I would have told you I wanted to go to ministry school and become a pastor, or work somewhere in the Church. Or I would have told you I wanted to pursue a career in the arts, like in graphic designing, or hand lettering. Something along those lines. While going to college for arts is still on my radar, my whole view of my future has completely taken a 180. All of a sudden I felt this strong pull on my heart to learn how to play piano and it was something that I had to do. This may make complete sense to some, and seem like nonsense to others, but I believe that God put this passion inside of me. Now, I want to go to ministry school, but for completely different reasons.

Don’t let the world and all it’s opinions get in your way.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! The world has so many different opinions. On a daily basis I have to subconsciously make a choice to shut out the voice of the world in my life. When it comes to going after what I love, I have to choose to make my own decisions, make my own steps, come up with my own creative ideas, and not care what the world thinks of it.

As a content creator and blogger, this isn’t easy by any means.

I believe that you are never too young or never too old to chase after your passions. Don’t let the world tell you what you are capable of doing and what you aren’t. Don’t let the world tell you that because of your age you can’t do what you’ve been dreaming of doing. Don’t let the world look down on you. Use your current situation to set an example. Be different than the world’s stereotype. Do what you’re passionate about doing and let the world watch you do work. Let the world say “Wow, there’s something different about her.” Use your age to your benefit and let your creativity shine. Let yourself shine. Put all of the “Whos, whats, wheres, whens, and hows behind you.” Don’t be afraid to be a catalyst for positive change.

My friend Christiana puts it this way: “You can’t change the world, but you can change the world for one person.” So don’t be afraid to stand out and be different but instead use that difference to change this world for one person! Use your unique talents and gifts to change the world for one person. You have so much more influence than you think. Let’s use that influence in a positive way.

Your words, actions, and dreams have the power to change the world, but that power is not your power alone.

In everything you do, you create. Your words create things, and that can be good or bad. This also means that wherever creativity lies, so does influence. And that means that if you have influence, you are leading people. You are a leader. But when it comes to chasing your dreams and using those dreams to change the world, I believe Jesus is the one that needs to be in charge.

Our dreams need God’s involvement and our participation.

Speaking from personal experience, I am just along for the ride. Yes, I have passions, strengths, and gifts of my own. But those things aren’t what bring my dream to life. It’s the hand of God.

The reality is you are called. You are set apart and there are things set in place for you that only you can do. You are qualified. There’s nothing that could disqualify you. You are loved and worthy of the dreams that have been placed over your life. Don’t let the world tell you otherwise.

Do your dreams push you outside of your comfort zone? Going back to my first couple points, if it doesn’t push you out of your safe little comfortable bubble, it’s not big enough. DREAM BIGGER! I believe in big dreams, and even a bigger God. What seems impossible to you is absolutely 100% possible with Jesus.

I believe that when you are completely out of your comfort zone, you experience the most personal growth. I have experienced this in many different areas in my own life. The moment I chose to step outside of my comfortable, safe bubble, I have found breakthrough.

The moment I decided to stop playing it safe when it came to spreading the Word about Jesus was the moment I started growing spiritually.

I don’t know where you are at in life. I only know where I am at and I hope that by speaking from personal experience I was able to encourage you. I hope that even if this doesn’t make complete sense, you are able to chase your dreams with more joy and anticipation. I hope you are able to jump in head first into whatever your passion is. I hope you aren’t afraid to be YOU. I hope you aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself. Because in this world, we need you. We need you to be you and not someone else. We need you to chase your dreams and your passions, not someone else’s. Embrace those passions and gifts of yours that set you apart, and never be afraid to shine.

"And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus." Philippians 1:6