Giveaway Box UNBOXING!

I was so blessed to receive a giveaway box from Ashton Long and The Authentic Woman Series! Ashton is so sweet and kind, and her heart is golden. I am amazed at the fire in her heart she has to see women of all ages empowered into their identity as daughters of Christ. She is truly amazing, and I absolutely LOVE her airbrush free movement! Opening up all of these goodies really brought me so much joy! Here is everything that came in this giveaway box! Huge shoutout to all of the small companies and businesses that supported this giveaway!


In this giveaway box, there were a bunch of goodies! For starters, this super cute mug from Liz Kelly Pottery! It is so chic, and I love how naturally beautiful and perfectly imperfect it is.


Next there was a bag of coffee from Larry's Coffee! It looks so delicious, I can't wait to try some, especially in that super cute mug!


Y'all know I am almost addicted to dark chocolate, and it totally made my day when I saw a whole bar of 86% dark chocolate from Videri Chocolate Factory as one of the goodies! I love the bitter taste of dark chocolate, and this is one of my new faves!


Next, I unwrapped this naturally classic journal from Cageless Birds. I have been looking at their journals for quite a while and have fallen literally in love with them. (Y'all also know I'm a writer, and having a journal is a MUST) Ever since I opened this journal I have been SWOONING over it. I may or may not have screamed when I first unwrapped it! Haha! I seriously cannot wait to use it. (Y'all also know that it takes me around 3 months to finish an average sized notebook, so I don't think I'll have to wait for long!)


At the very bottom of the box, I opened up Ashton's first Volume of the Authentic Woman! This book looks so chic, and I absolutely gave all the heart eyes to this book. It's gorgeous for one, and two everything inside is so empowering! I haven't read very far into it yet, but I already am in love with the stories and all of the encouragement inside it.


With the Authentic Woman Issue, there was also a book called "You Are Beauty" and it's a workbook talking all about my identity, and inside it is full of prompts and personal questions to help me become the best version of myself! I am truly amazed at the complexity and beauty of this book!


In addition to everything else, Ashton's hand written card was so incredibly sweet! I am such a sucker for hand written cards, and my day was made when I read her kind words, even before I opened all of the goodies! This whole bundle of gifts truly made my day. Thank you so much Ashton for sending this giveaway box to me and being oh so patient with me! I am so glad to support all of these small businesses that were apart of this giveaway. Please please please go check out all of these businesses, and give them a follow on social media!

Xoxo, Rach