Fill My Empty Cup

Do you ever find yourself coming to God, always hungry? Always dry, needing a drink of living water?

God wants us to come to Him and ask for things. He says over and over in the gospels specifically that when we ask, seek, and knock, the door will open.

But, I want to propose something different.

What if you were always full? What if you were never lacking and your cup was always full?

How would that completely change the way we treat people?


"The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing." Psalm 23:1

For me, I hope I would always be open to being generous and kind to people, knowing it costs me nothing. If I knew I was always full to overflow, I really hope it would change the way I see God, others, but ultimately myself.

If I know I lack nothing, then why would I live in a mediocre sense of depletedness? (That is now a word) Why would I choose to live like I always need need need something from God, instead of pouring out what He's already given me?

Jesus promises to always provide to us. That goes for our hearts, too. He will always provide what we need, when we need it. But maybe, just maybe, we should start focusing less on ourselves and more about all the other people in the world. As followers of Christ, we know we are loved and will always be. It is our calling to spread that to the rest of the world.

Remember that there are people in the world who are clueless to what this whole Jesus thing is. We are the people that know who God is. In my opinion, I believe I should be spreading that love everywhere I go, without condition, without expectations. I should just spread love and trust God to do the rest when it comes to me.

Just a thought.