Cultivate + Create

I love being really good at something. Sometimes I strive for perfection a lil’ too much. I’m that person that has a pity party over a B+ simply because it isn’t an A+. Truth be known, I’ve beat myself up on several occasions for an A-, (you’re crazy!) i know. but it be like that sometimes.

Mkay, i think you get where i’m coming from.

I love being confident in whatever I’m doing. Too often I find myself becoming so critical of myself and all my flaws, insecurities, and imperfections. And suddenly, that confidence has disappeared. It’s diminished to such a low level that I can’t lower myself enough to find it.

If you’re someone that doesn’t criticize themselves over insignificant things, please teach me your ways. K thx. :P

BUT If you’re that person i described earlier, you’re not alone.

It seems as if this is the common theme though.

You are not perfect, so stop trying to be.

There is nothing so important that you have to be 100% fantastic at it right now. You’re not expected to know everything there is to know about everything. Mkay? At some point we just have to be present, and respect that there is a season for everything.

IMG_8806 2.JPG

God has a season planned for everything; that does not mean everything happens in a season.

—> don’t rush your process. <—

There’s a season to suck at something, but continue to work at it + master it.

There’s a season to soar and thrive in something, too.

Creativity is something i don’t think anyone can master. Your confidence is ultimately up to you. Other people’s approval may help to boost your self esteem every once in a while, but if you let your worth be defined by what everyone else thinks, as soon as someone diminishes you or something you created, you’ll find yourself lower in esteem than you ever thought possible.

Your worth isn’t meant to be placed or defined by someone else. Of course it feels fantastic to be complimented or praised for something you created. But if that’s the only place your fulfillment is coming from, it’ll only last so long.

Give yourself some grace. It’s a daily choice you have to make to be content with where you are at.

Don’t let your lack of confidence stop your creative process.

Keep creating beautiful things. Beautifully honest things. Beautifully messy things. Beautifully unique things that represent who you are as a whole person, not just your gift.

Too much life is missed out on simply because we’re too focused on the next thing, instead of the current thing. Shift your focus from where you’ll possibly be tomorrow to exactly where you are today.

Cuz i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but today’s a pretty beautiful place.

Above all else, please don’t let yourself be blinded from what God is doing in your life because you’re too busy moving from one thing to the next to even notice Him.

sLoW dOwN !!!

Make 10 minutes in your day just to see what’s happening with God. Surrender your attentions + affections, giving Him a chance to still your heart. You begin to hear His heart beat with such a passion for you + the gifts He’s placed in you.

Cultivate the gift He’s put in you today. It doesn’t matter how self-assured you are. It might be different tomorrow.