Anchor Yourself In Christ.

Hope is an anchor.

Hope is never failing.

Hope is strong, secure, and steadfast.

H. O. P. E.

Hope: (from the dictionary)- a feeling of trust.

Even when we walk through what seems like the darkest of valleys, our hope is never lost.


Yeah, I said it. HOPE is something that can NEVER be lost or forsaken.

"This HOPE is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls..." Hebrews 6:19

God says in His Word which is true and never failing, that HOPE is an anchor for our souls. What does that mean?

Let's back up a bit. WHAT IS AN ANCHOR? An anchor is an extremely heavy piece of metal attached to a rope which is securely connected to your boat somehow. (No, I don't have the anatomy of a boat memorized.) When the seas get rough and a storm passes over the deepest and most choppy parts of the waters, any sailor would know to send their anchor plummeting down into the depth of the sea. An anchor's purpose is to keep you where you are in the rockiest part of the ocean until the storm passes. An anchor plants itself at the bottom of the sea so your boat has a limited vicinity of space it's allowed to drift.


Anchors hold you where you are so you can weather the storm in safety rather than crossing it in danger.

Often times I find myself asking God to rescue me from a storm rather than planting my anchor in Him. Am I the only one?

When you're distressed, anxious, weary, afraid, or depressed, do you cry out to God to bring a crew on a rescue boat to save you? Or do you ask Him to give you courage, for He is in the waiting?

The stormy seasons will come. That's a fact. The stormy seasons will also pass. THAT IS A FACT.

Will you weather the storm in fear or in courage, strength, and trust in Jesus? He's never failed you yet. You really think He's just gonna drop you now?

God doesn't lead you and then leave you.

He never will forsake or abandon you. God is with you whether you're soaring through the clouds or navigating through the darkest sea right now. Hope is your anchor. The joy of the Lord is your strength. You're a daughter (or son) and God is God. Is He enough for you?