30 Days 300 Thanks

I'm about to be very raw and honest and real. I'm tired of being fake. And I apologize for being fake sometimes. And forgetting what it means to be real. And for not being real with everyone and putting on a picture- perfect image for all to see. I make mistakes. And I'm still learning what authenticity really is. But I'm letting God lead me wherever He wants me for this time and season and in His provision and guidance is where I'd like to dwell. So, here's something the Lord heavily laid on my heart. And when He put it on my heart He wanted an immediate yes or no response. In fact I really couldn't say no. Have you ever had those moments with God where He gives you huge revelation of something and you can't say no to it?

In my time with the Lord, God laid something on my heart. He said to me, "Hey, Rachael. I want to show you how to be thankful." My simple response was, "Yes Lord. Alright. Let's do this."

I was super excited and expectant of what God was going to do through this process at the very beginning. And if there's one thing I will tell you, it's been a process. I thought it would have been so much easier to write down 10 things I'm thankful for but it turned into just something else to get through each day. Something really, really hard. And I didn't understand why it was so hard but then I realized that what I thought was thankfulness wasn't really thankfulness at all.

I called it, "30 Days, 300 Thanks." Every day I take out my journal and list out 10 things I am whole heartedly thankful for that day. No. originally I wasn't going to repeat some things everyday, but hey, it happened. Everyday I am sure I can find something that I've said every other day but the Lord knows my heart and He gets it.

Currently, I'm on day 10 of this 30 day process. A friend of mine said something really wise. And he told me to not even stop after 30 days because living a life of thankfulness takes day by day dedication to the Lord. Okay, that's way more than what he said but in context that's what I got. So because he pointed that out to me, I intend to keep going after 30 days. I intend to keep going until the Lord says to stop, and the Lord hasn't stopped thankfulness since the Bible so I have a feeling I will never stop. And that's okay.

I'm still honest and expectant. I'm learning what whole new world gratefulness and thankfulness opens to you when you open up your heart and choose to be aware of what Holy Spirit says.

Here's a little nugget from the Lord: The only reason you have to not be aware of the Lord's presence is because you choose not to. I know, not super encouraging but you ultimately get to choose to be aware of His Presence. He's not hiding Himself from you. You have to choose.

Okay, that was a bunny trail. Back to the point.

I'm learning how grace comes into the story and how everything ties together with a meaning that only God understands. I'm learning how thankful God is for me and how gratefulness opens SO many doors to opportunity everywhere.

I would like to extend this out to you. Maybe thankfulness is something God has put on your heart and you've ignored it because "you didn't have time" or "You're already thankful enough." Go searching for His heart and I can promise you that you will find thankfulness hemmed around every part of Him. You can never have too much.

It's never too late for you to answer the call of God for you in this season. Never too late. If you would like to start this lifelong journey of thankfulness right now where you are at, don't hesitate to just GO FOR IT. Start one day at a time and give yourself grace. Give yourself grace when you miss a day and when you physically can't find anything to be thankful for. I promise, it gets easier and it gets better if you keep pressing into it. And if you're really lost and confused about what to be thankful for, take look outside. You can probably name more than 10 things that God created that are an opportunity for thankfulness.

So, that's where I'm at. Hanging off of every word Jesus says and following what He wants me to do. (For the most part, That one's not so easily done than said) You are always welcome to be raw and real and honest here. From one imperfect girl to another, there is always a seat at the table for you and it's never too late to say, "Yes."

I invite you to step into whatever it may be that God is calling you to right now with open arms. No, it may not be thankfulness. it may be something else and I have no clue what that may be. But whatever it is, step into it with an open heart and an expectancy for Him to move through it. He never will ask you to do something He won't equip you to walk through.

Please let me now if you wold like to start this journey to living a  life full of thankfulness. It will change you and I would LOVE to hear about what God is doing in your life. So shoot me an email, why don't cha?

Xo, Rach